Sunday, 13 March 2011


I am a 47 year old man with two children Molly and Kitty. I have been married and now separated. In the past years I have delivered catalogues, been a telephone engineer, a chauffer, studied equity and index options on the stock market, a football manager, have run my own football academy and I am currently a Fire Fighter in West London. That’s where I am now but for the majority of my life I have been involved in football one way or another.

I have played in all the divisions of the football league. Played at the highest non-league level, played abroad, been a qualified coach and manager.  I have had my fair share of major and semi-major injuries and operations and have had some great lows and some great highs. I never earned bundles of money out of football but I earned a living. I didn’t save any money nor set a pension plan up for my football retirement so now I am finding my way outside of football with hopefully the energy and enthusiasm I had when I was on the inside. 

This is a real football story dedicated to the majority of players who are not household names and earning film star money. This is the truth about football on the inside at all levels. This is about the heartache of rejection and injury. This is about great passion and uncontrollable love. This is about despair and mental torture but also about joy, happiness and relief. This is about taking what football gave me and using it in the real world. Finally, I hope it’s a story that exudes confidence, principles and a healthy rebelness. This is for the LOST BOYS... this is SKD.


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  2. Keep going Cockers. Keep writing. Ultimately you put this all together and you are going to have a best seller. You got the touch. And you got the understanding. And the experience. Keep going. -Dale