Thursday, 10 March 2011


When you digress in life you see clearly the great influential experiences and one of mine took place in a rehabilitation centre in Camden.

Once again Spurs arranged my admittance and again Peter Shreeves took me and my dad on my first day to the work house. Peter gave me great praise and confidence in my early days and in contrast took it away as I got older, I think we both changed s people.

I was on crutches as I entered through the automatic doors of the rehab centre at 8 o’clock in the morning. I was checked in and shown around the sweat shop. It was unbelievable, there were paraplegics, quadriplegics, people with stumps everywhere, car accidents, bike accidents, sports injuries, men and women with every ailment, accident and injury you will ever see and it looked to me that I was one of the better off ones. People were on stationary bikes, playing basketball and badminton, running, walking or lifting weights in the gym, upstairs doing woodwork or in the hydra-pool. The place was pumping with people sweating, straining, grunting, groaning, laughing and crying. It was a “gaff” to get fit and recover no matter how big or small your targets were. It was a “gaff” where 1 step for 1 person was just as important as a mile was to another. It was as great an achievement to lift your arm in some cases as it was to lift 50lbs. This was a “gaff” where I knew I was not only going to recover but a place where I was going to achieve great fitness and be inspired by great people, this was SKD!

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